Akara, meaning the Circle of Light, or the Circle of Infinity, that which contains everything. Akara Numerology is a technology with which we can better ourselves and the experience of life. Numerology is the language of numbers. When you have an understanding of this language you will open up to a realm of possibilities for knowing how to achieve your fulfillment in life. Read more

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Relaxation and Massage

Adi Shakti Enterprises offers relaxation and massage options so you can feel relaxed and your body can heal. View our options for relaxing, sport and Thai massages as well as our Shirodhara and reflexology treatments.

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Retreats and Trainings

We offer periodic wellness retreats to Costa Rica and other beautiful locations to help you relax and enjoy the lifestyle of health and wellness.

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Hari Simran also works with local yoga studios to provide Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings to deepen student practice and provide a new generation of teachers.

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