Personal and Business Consultations in Person by Telephone or Email


Personal and Business Consultations in Person by Telephone or Email.

One you have had your first initial consultation you may wish to call Hari Simran for another session and continue with another individual session.

Life can be a challenge. If you find yourself stressed out, over whelmed and you need a fresh perspective on life these sessions are for you.

Depending on the issues topic that you may need help with in your life, the information in Akar Jantri Numerology can be an excellent Guide.

We will let you know about your time cycles, they allow you to see what trends, issues and opportunities will be available to you within a season of time. This knowledge enables you to move appropriately within that season, and gain the most from it.
Numerology is the language of numbers. When you have an understanding of this language you open up a realm of possibilities for knowing how to achieve your life’s fulfillment.
“Information is power and this power can transform your consciousness and change your life”

All consultations are strictly confidential.
The sessions are recorded and offered on either tape or CD, along with a music CD

Numerology Readings:

  • Road Map to Your life: Basic Numerology reading, required for further, more advanced readings.
  • How to deal & Manage, Stress, Grief, Anger.
  • Understanding your relationships and Compatibility.
  • Evaluate Career and Business choices.
  • Family Issues.
  • Your Passion and Spiritual direction.
  • Individual Potential, Personal or Professional.

Road Map to Your life: $72.00

Additional sessions :$54.00

For appointments and information

Contact: Hari Simran Khalsa at (407) 767-8717