The Ancient Art Of Relaxation

Balances the mind Shirodhara is both profound and subtle, In this treatment a continuous stream of oil is applied in a wavelike motion to the forehead using a pot suspended directly over the head. The entire cranium is saturated with oil. The medicinal oil, prepared with nutritive and tonic herbs is also absorbed through the hair follicles into the tissues surrounding the brain, affecting the central nervous system. It effectively alleviates stress, which is the causative factor in many diseases.
Traditionally Ayurveda recommends more than a one-day treatment but one treatment is beneficial.

The effect of Shirodhara is subjective. This treatment in particular represents an interface between the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda. It creates a meditative sense of awareness as it is focusing and isolating.

Dhara, which means constant flow, is contained in the word dharana one of the seven stages of yoga realization, generally translated as concentration. The brow, of course, is that part of the external anatomy associated with the fundamental endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus), which organizes and regulates all hormonal secretions.

Hormonal secretions are responsible not only for the autonomic responses which control digestion, breath, elimination, etc., but also our moods and emotional state. Shirodhara is meant to establish a state of parasympathic response, an ego-less state, during which the primal intelligence of our body can reorganize its constituents in a manner which leads to healing and well-being, their inherent purpose. Shirodhara can be applied in Ayurvedic healing for conditions of high Pita as well as insomnia, memory loss, to enhance meditation and for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


30 Minute Pour – $45.00
45 Minute Pour – $54.00

Include foot massage w/ – $15.00

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