Teachings for Women

Yoga for Women- Shakti -

Shakti (female energy) is the feminine, creative principle of the Universe. Likewise, every woman has the power to create the prevailing values and spiritual consciousness of the world

- Grace -

Practicing Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, takes a woman on the path to self-understanding and self-mastery. This ancient technology unites her with her inner nature and with her elemental self confidence and grace, so that she can positively impact her family, her environment, and her community

- Nobility -

Nobility is cultivated by relating to one’s spirit and flow of the soul. It is grandeur and richness of character that has nothing to do with wealth or money. Nobility teaches equality before God. Because the soul is always noble: when the mind relates to the soul, the mind becomes noble. When the body relates to such a mind,
the body becomes noble.

- Courses -

Woman’s Kundalini Yoga – Oriental Woman – Lunar Woman – Beauty Within – Retreats – Yogic Foods

Kundalini Yoga is for everybody regardless of age, flexibility, or experience. But it is a most valuable tool for women to re-connect to their primal creative power. Yogi Bhajan has long been a champion of the power and the grace of women. He has instructed women from all over the world how to use the science of Kundalini Yoga to tap into their vast, natural reservoirs of vitality and radiance. Providing women a path to self-acceptance, empowerment and self-realization.